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Google Calendar Extension 1.4.0 free download for Chrome. This extension is simple and does only one thing: marks an event's title in Google Calendar as completed (or canceled).



Google Calendar Extension for Chrome

Google Calendar extension 1.4.0 free Download had to be submitted for Google Chrome. Google Calendar is a Google Chrome extension created by artywhite. Their authority has been released Google Calendar extension adds buttons to event title input to mark event as completed or canceled. You can Get Direct Official Link for Google Calendar chrome with latest extension. Google Calendar extension is simple and does only one thing: marks an event’s title in Google Calendar as completed.

Google Calendar extension download

If you also want to get download this Google Calendar extension keep see the image & reading below notice this short information. Are you searching Google Calendar address? We’ll describe to you how to mask your position using the Google Calendar extension in your Google Chrome browser in this article. Every user all time cannot visit every website, at this time need an IP changer extension.

Which is best Free Google Calendar extension?

Everyone Knows Google Calendar is a Great plugin works perfect saves a lot of time. Google Calendar is the best for Chrome. Next step I will provide you How to install the Google Calendar extension file used on this website.

How To Install or Download Google Calendar for Chrome?

Furthermore, If you want to install share a google calendar Extension, must connect to an internet connection and use Google chrome Browser also Opera mini Browser otherwise you cannot use the Google Calendar CRX file in your browser. Now follow step by step guide.

google calendar extension

How to Active Google Calendar extension for Chrome?

This is the best chrome extension So follow this instruction and download Google Calendar extension CRX on their website. It is Very good extension compared to any other Google Calendar available in chrome web store. Google Calendar one of the best extensions that i have seen, open google calendar helps you to connect many server all around the world.

How to install Google Calendar for Chrome?

Open your Google Chrome browser
Then go to
Now this website search “Google Calendar”
Open on this extension
Click the Download button and auto-install your Chrome browser

Google Calendar Description:

It adds buttons to event title input to mark event as completed or canceled.

This extension is simple and does only one thing: marks an event’s title in Google Calendar as completed (or canceled).

There are few options to mark it:
– s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ effect
– ✅ emoji in the beginning (to indicate event as completed)
– ❌ emoji in the beginning (to indicate event as canceled)

Everything is configurable in the extension Options.

Also one warning for using strikethrough effect: make sure to use option “Add origin title to the description” in order to be able to find an event in search later. The nature of strikethrough effect changes event title.

If you find this Chrome extension helpful and would like to support it’s development, you can consider
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If you want to have any additional custom emoji to be added as button and in the event title once marked: just buy me a coffee or make crypto transact and add a review specifying what emoji you want to be added 🙂

How to share google calendar?

In conclusion, you can full information How to download Google Calendar extension and how to use sharing google calendar for your Google Chrome browser. If you want more information about Google Calendar feels free to comment below. So Next replay I will provide clear information on this post. For the next update about the new chrome extension, etc stay with us.

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